Wednesday, January 22, 2014

In San Angelo headed to China

It has been a while since I figured out how to get into the blog! Ha Ha!  This is a picture of our friends in XIAN China.  What a great country filled with great people.  Check out the latest TSEA video at  

I just want to say it has been an amazing year of highs and lows with thousands of people coming to Christ.  

Debbie and I are with our friends at Northridge Baptist Church in San Angelo this week.  I will leave Thursday for Shanghai.  Keep me in your prayers and positive thoughts.  I love you all.  


Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Prashanth being a witness to the world.
Prashanth was afraid of the water ha ha  He overcame 
Raju and John are His tools in India

This is always an exciting thing to be a part of.  Prashanth was a great friend to Sutton McKee this week and by the end of the time wanted to follow in Believers Baptism.  I got to do it while Sutton filmed.  Pics are from my phone so don't judge Sutton ha ha !  

India 2013

Half of first night crowd
Hey team, it is the last day for Sutton McKee and I to be in India.  I have a few shots for you but will include more soon.  Sutton has taken some great pictures and video, and as soon as I have access to some of it I will put it up.  Here is some cheap stuff from my trusty iPhone to start with.

  We started our time with two evenings of large group campaigns.  The team estimated about 2000 people the first night with around 150 decisions for Christ and 3500 the second night with an additional 250 responding.  I would have guessed a little less on both nights and many of the respondents for the evenings came both nights, but that is far from relevant.  It was their first attempt at an event like this, there was good attendance, they learned a lot for future events, and their were people added to the kingdom of God.  How can that be anything but really successful?  I am really pleased with the work ethic of our contacts Raju and John.  Both Pastor local churches and both worked real hard to assimilate a team of volunteers.  Their effort and obedience to their journey has now increased their account in heaven with life change and new members of the family of God.  Way to go guys.  The really exciting moment for me came the third day.  Over 200 Pastors and leaders came together for an intense day of training in evangelism.  We were able to agree on a single objective for all followers and leaders, (intimacy with our Heavenly Father) and a single metric for a successful church. (new believers added to the fellowship) It was an exciting time of growth and revelation to many of the leaders.  I long for the day when a conference like that could take place in my own American context.

Sutton ministers to a new leader
Javier in the Emergency Room
Just before the last day of training, I received disturbing notice of an accident injuring our close friend (adopted son) Javier Pontifis.  While pitching a no-hitter against rival Martin High School Javi was fielding a ground bunt down the first base line when he and the runner collided.  His cheek bone was broken in 3 places.  Please lift up this family as they endure this difficult part of their journey.  Praise the Lord, Javi found out yesterday there appears to be no permanent damage to his eye.  He will meet with a surgeon tomorrow to see what procedures will be necessary for correcting his cheek bone.  He is a fine young man, great student and superb athlete.  He will bounce back and start his career at UYA in the fall.  Pray for him as he endures this set back and disappointment for his senior year of high school.  I love you javi, and I am sooo sorry.   
Prasanth a new leader who I got to Baptize 

Monday, February 11, 2013


You never sleep alone in Lemoru
Silas home and His mothers home in Lemoru  12 people sleep, eat, and cook here. 
Linus gets a new set of clothes from Kayla Burk 
Children celebrate with high protein, high cholesterol Feast 
25 Chickens surrender to ministry with the encouragement of Dickson 
Viola makes Chipati 
Dennis and Robert say good bye at Eldoret Airport  They are best friends 


Hello Friends.  I am now in Nairobi after a wonderful time in Lemoru Kenya.  My trip started out in Eldoret before we were even able to get to town.  Our son Robert Kibet Burk had to have a birth certificate in order to graduate High School.  I am happy to say that after several trips to town, many casual smiling meeting with the officials by the Mosungo (white guy) who brought blessings from America (money) we were able to complete the transaction and he received his official certificate on Friday.  Next I went to the World Hope Childrens home and school.  This is a place where TSEA came along side another ministry to complete the buildings for a school, orphanage and AIC church in 2005.   I was able to address the entire student body (600 1-8 graders and 300 9-12 graders) and share the hope of an intimate relationship with Christ.  The last night I was there we had a big party!  The ladies fried 25 chickens (PG-13 pictures to follow) 20 lbs of fried potatoes, and Chipati ( a flour tortilla fried in oil) plus cokes for every one.  The children were served first and the community elders said it was something that had never been seen in Lemoru.  After I explained the work of a cardiologist (ha ha J/K)  we talked about the 3 point strategy I had preached all week.   
1.)Pray First
2.)Work Hard 
3.)Have Fun 

This strategy comes from 
2.) Phillipians 2:12-13  
3.) Neh 8: 10 and Rom 15:13

Robert and Daddy Burk signing adoption papers
In all I was able to visit 8 schools , with more than 4000 students, each of them responding to the gospel and His Spirits work.  Wow what a week.  I am tired.  The conditions are different in the Rift Valley than Arlington TX  but I find the Joy of the Lord is my strength.  Well, more later.  Let's see if I can get this uploaded.  Love you all.  Keep running.  The time is short.  
The new Church being used from last July Project 
David addresses World Hope Primary students
Robert and Silas in front of Roberts after graduation home.  

Friday, February 01, 2013

Chile Trip Summary in Pics of FBC Coronel

Worshiping in the new building
Jimmy Gault sharing with Miguel and Pastor, World Winners!
Soccer school, they whipped me good, then I shared Jesus, what a great day.  Next day, Wow sore! Ha Ha

In 2010 FBC Coronel lost their building during the devastating earthquake.  In the days to follow, the church came to the conclusion that rebuilding in the commercial district of the present location was not the best option for fulfilling their vision to reach their community.  In 2011, Fielder Church and TSEA developed a partnership with Pastor Juan Carlos and the congregation.  Today the vision of a school, worship place and recreation area is coming to fruition.  Sense the faith steps were taken, the church has grown, expanded its ministry and is seeing God provide supernaturally to complete the facilities.  Praise the Lord.  Enjoy the pics.  I am on the way to Kenya.  God bless, I love you and keep moving, time will catch you. :)  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More of chile

The seafood is amazing 
Great time of soccer with jovens & Power bands
The Building is coming along
Check out the pics of the construction.  Also follow my Facebook page for more pics and video.  Today we go to meet the elderly men, street evangelism, and homeless ministry.  This is a great congregation with such a servant heart.  It really humbles me to be around them.  I wish you all could connect with the some how.  Oh well, not moving as fast as I used too. I need to unload a few pounds ha ha.  I guess i better run.  Hope you will all remember me today, love each other, and remember, Its over before you know it, so get it done today! :)  Love ya. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

More Pics from Chile

A new van purchased for ministry by a member
The Raul III  We prayed for and christened the launch

Sunday, January 27, 2013

In Chile with FBC Coronel

50 Years  Amazing  

Launching a new fishing Vessel RaulIII

Hey all, long time no write.  I am here in Chile with Jimmy Gault and we are having a blast with our friends from Coronel.  A couple of years ago FBC Coronel and Fielder Church began to partner in order to replace facilities destroyed during the huge earthquake of 2010.  Today the church is growing, seeing life-change every week, and has jumped in with both feet on the construction project.  They are in need of about $100,000.00 capital injection but God is big and He will supply.  Pastor Juan Carlos is not only a spiritual and strong leader, but he is a lot of fun to be around.  Yesterday we launched a ship, led some neighbors to Christ, and had a huge, classy anniversary party for his mother and Father in-law's 50th.  It was great.  Today we were at the new building sight and watched 8 new believers and 6 new members make commitments to the church.    Here are some photo's and a video. Enjoy! :) 

Saturday, August 11, 2012


It aint all work! Ha Ha!  London 2012
Jimmy's Dad flew from here in WWII
Leadership training in Asia
Kiowa Camp meeting CO

Back home and likeing it.

Can't believe it.
Mirror Lake
I don't know how I get so far behind.  It has been an exciting time these last few months.  I have been more places, met more people, and experienced more blessing in the last six months than I can fully articulate.  It is nice to be the child of the king of Kings.  I will try to give some pics that will just bring you up to date.  I am home for a week more then I'm off to the races again.  It was great this last week to see people who have really been limited in their scope of opportunity to be empowered to believe that there is more out their for them than they ever imagined.  God has a huge plan for each of us that we limit so much by our own inability to see and envision His huge greatness.  I'm sooooo grateful for the people God has put in my life to expand my understanding and vision of the possibilities in this short life.  It is soooo fulfilling when that same God uses me to help someone else see the possibilities.  Ya know, I don't know if you ever heard this before, life is short!  We only get one shot at it!  You can't relive yesterday and you only get one shot at today!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO Keep your eyes and ears open, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and let the journey continue!  I really do love ALL of you.  Thanks for loving me in spite of me.  
Building half way there.
The reason we go!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Back in Nairobi with Hillary Clinton

Hey all, I've been in the bush with a great team of Americans, South African, and many Kenyan brothers and sisters.  We returned last night late to discover we would be sharing the Hotel with Hillary Clinton.  I actually thought the red carpet, increased security, and welcoming committee were for us!  Ha Ha! NOT!  All of the team is back, together, and safe.  Nicholas from South Africa will be leaving us within the hour.  It was a great time of fellowship, construction work, and ministry.  While the needs are often overwhelming, the joy and contentment of the Kenyan people are always noticeable and spoken about.  It shames me at times when I am blessed with so much but actually whine and complain because something is not like I(Emphasis on I) think it ought to be.  I am spoiled in so many ways.

Joe goes to town for water

Pastor Peter in the baptistry


The foreign team!
It was a joy to get to see the children at the World Hope Children home.  They are growing so strong and mature. Linus( the first child I met in the area) and Robert Burk are doing great.  Robert is only about 15 months from graduation and is a ranked long distance runner.  He runs 14K daily, beginning at 4:30 am, and 26K on Saturday and Sunday.  That is an amazing thing to me.  He does all of this on a diet of Porridge in the morning, Gedere(beans and corn) at lunch, and Oogollie(Corn mash) for Supper.  This is not his diet of choice, it is all they are served.    None the less, they do not complain and smile more than I.  Wow, gotta love Kenyans.  In the words of Trace, as he departed Roberts company, "You are a better man than I am, I don't think I could live your life."  Well Spoken for all of us.  Oh, well enough reflecting.  All is good, we are back to over eating, and ready to begin our journey home.  Here are some pics.  Stay tuned.  I love you all (especially my family) and hope to see you soon! David

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Short Bear Video from Alaska and a Salmon shot

A great day of Sockeye all limited out.

Here is a little bit more of what I could not get on in Alaska.  Thanks so much to Alaska Fishing with Mark Glassmaker.

In Nairobi! Eldoret tomorrow.

One day Catch of Halibut
Hey all, Jimmy and I have made it to Nairobi.  Nick Nunes is safely here from South Africa and the rest of the team is in the air we hope.  Jared Steele Plane was late leaving Newark and  he had not arrived as of the last word I got from Joe but hopefully he was able to connect and is not still in Zurich.  Here is picture of Jimmy and I outside London at Abbots Thorpe airbase where his father was stationed during WWII.  My internet is not good here and will be non existent starting tomorrow, but I will put updates as soon as I can.  Hey we are truly living fast today.  There are many exciting things going on.  I will also post another pic of the guy's fishing.  Love you all, stay tuned.  See ya soon hopefully!  
Jimmy and David at Abbotts-Thorpe Air Base
Joe, Jake, and Luke in Brussels

David on the Thames

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Graduation trip to Alaska! In search of the BIG 1

Hey all, I am on the way to Alaska with my son Garrett, Javier Pontifas, Austin Sanders, and Robert Meyer.  Here is a shot with the crew from our Delta Flight to Salt Lake City. Thanks Molly(our flight crew leader on Delta 3388)for setting up the photo opp! I will keep you up on our catch.  Trip of a lifetime!  Stay moving, time is short!  Love you all.  

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Wang Jun Long and Xian
Hey all, just an update.  I am home now for the first time in a while!  Since January  I have spent 63 days out of this country and 58 in this country.  That is crazy.  Since January I have had the opportunity to be in Kenya, Mexico, Chile, Dubai UAE, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and China.  Wow, I am soooo tired.  In the pic are my friends Wang Jun Long and Wang Jun Xing.  They are two great brothers who work with their Dad, Mom, and Long's wife in the Muslim market in XIAN.  I have known them for three years now, and this trip came to know them as brothers instead of just friends.  What a life I live.  It is purely by the grace of God.  I did get to visit with about 30 or so friends who are leaders in their community groups in China.  It was a blast.  It never could have happened without my friends Jabez and Ester who translated for me during the trip.  Sorry I could not keep you up to date during the trip, for some reason my blog is blocked in China and I could not access it.  Ok, I have to move, but wanted to touch base with you and let you know what's up!!!!!!  Stay in touch, keep life in gear, and remember, you only get one shot at this.  It goes faster than we think!  Love you all.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Home in time for Easter

Overwhelming Reception
Patoki Church w/new paint
Joe at the ordination in New Church
Pastor Aslam, the laborer 24/7/365
Hey all, the entire Pakistan team made it in with all of their bags! Yea!!!  It has been an incredible journey.  We have had the opportunity to make contact with more than 50,000 people during our visit.  On Sunday we went to a small church about an hour away from Patoki that grows flowers.  On our arrival, the entire community met us in the street and covered us with flowers beyond belief.  We also visited our home church in Patoki + 2 new churches started since last year.  During the 3 meetings, it was my privilege to bring the charge for 10 new ministers during their ordination service.  Friday was an awesome good Friday and then we were off to the USA on Saturday.  The trip could not have been any more fulfilling.  I watched Sherman Aten (check out for more video links including Trace dancing with the Security in charge) lead in Worship and share his faith, Trace, Kevin, and Joe, share their testimonies, and I shared His word.Here is a link to the last night of worship in Patoki.  They don't dance in church but we did! Trace dancing before the Lord If you want to see the invitation and see the response go to the link Invitation in Patoki It was an incredible trip.  Let me just say, every Pakistani person we met was incredibly kind, curious, and respectful of us.  There were no incidents or hatred expressed the entire time.  Well, there was that one security guard at the airport in Lahore who really didn't like Trace's skateboard, but the other members worked that out! Ha Ha! It was an amazing trip, incredible opportunities, and eternally productive.  Thanks for all who followed, prayed, and helped us go!  Your the best.  Love you all and living fast.  David